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Statement Regarding Bolton Rally Venue

This morning we were made aware that the owners of Bolton Wanderers Football Club and the Bolton Whites Hotel had reneged on our contract to hold the first ‘Vote Power Not Poverty’ Rally on 26th March.

In a Moscow style rebuke to free speech, this decision is an attempt to stifle a much needed debate on the expensive consequences of the government’s Net Zero plans, when there are better solutions.

This is particularly difficult to understand given that those consequences will be most felt in areas like Bolton. The old will die colder, poorer, sooner. The young will be burdened with higher costs, fewer jobs, less money.

Though wealthy owners of football clubs may not care about ordinary people, our campaign to deliver cheaper, more secure energy to the people of the UK remains resolute and an alternate venue will be announced in the coming days.

We remain grateful for the incredible support we’re getting from all parts of our great country.

It’s time to Vote Power, Not Poverty.