Let’s take back control of our
energy policies and prices!

Do you want cheaper energy, British energy?

‘Vote Power, Not Poverty’ is a cross party, grassroots campaign made up of activists from different parties and from none.

Our aim is simple. We are demanding a referendum on the life-changing Net Zero plans forced upon us by Westminster politicians. We want the British people to have a say, both on our energy future and on Britain’s energy security.

We all care about the environment and want cleaner air. We all want to do our bit. But Westminster’s Net Zero is the wrong bit, at the wrong price, in the wrong timeframe.

Our aim is to galvanise the great British public into pushing back against a Net Zero agenda that will destroy British jobs, whilst making us poorer and colder.

The great strength in our country is the might and will of the British people. You have the power in your hands to bring about the change we need.

Join us today and make that difference. It’s time to demand a Vote for Power, not Poverty!

A Referendum on
Westminster’s Net Zero

Which is actually Net Stupid

The Government and all the political parties in Westminster are imposing energy policies under the title “Net Zero” .

The Westminster Net Zero plans will force us to change the cars we drive, change the way we heat our homes, change how much we travel and what we eat.

It is a radical change in the way we live. We deserve a national debate and referendum on these life-changing plans.

This target, if met, will do nothing to deliver any meaningful benefit to the global environment but will destroy British jobs and lead to massive increases in energy bills year on year.

This is the wrong plan, at the wrong price, in the wrong timeframe. It’s simply Net Stupid!

As all the current political parties in Westminster support ever more Net Zero, so parliamentary democracy fails, since there has been no alternative to vote for.

  • Net Zero will make the older be colder and poorer, due to higher energy bills.
  • Net Zero will harm young people and future generations with fewer jobs, higher bills and less money.
  • Net Zero will damage businesses with higher energy costs, meaning lower growth and less jobs, leading to a weaker economy. 

That is why our campaign is calling for a Referendum on Net Zero. It’s time to take back control of our lives and our energy bills.

We trust you to make the right decision—it’s time for the Government to trust you too.

Securing Britain’s Energy & Self Reliance

British households are already buckling under the increasing costs of energy. It is estimated that more than 10% of households in the UK are now being forced to choose between heating and eating. And that number is rising, fast!

We have huge energy resources here in the U.K. that we can use for much cheaper energy bills! Right now, about half of our energy supply is being imported from abroad, including from Russia and the Middle East. We used to be a net exporter of energy but politicians over the last decade chose to ignore our own gas, our own Treasure, instead sending our money and jobs overseas.

The good news is that we have a real treasure under our feet, called Shale Gas! There is an estimated 50 years worth of shale gas, estimated to be worth over £1 trillion, right under our feet. What’s more important is that we, the people, own this Treasure. So let’s use it!

Shale gas can be extracted by a variety of technologies, including new techniques. Shale gas does not mean fracking! They’re not one and the same thing. Lets be a world leader in progressing new technologies to extract this treasure that we all own and can give us much cheaper energy bills.

Britain needs a future based on self-reliance, provided to us by our own Treasure Island—the UK. It’s time to capitalise on our own British gas and to put British people back in control of their own energy future.