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Something really frightening is happening in our country.

Apparently, we are not allowed to have a national debate about better, more affordable ways to reduce emissions than Boris’ flawed Net Zero plan.

The Vote Power Not Poverty campaign believes we can have cleaner air and improved sustainability, whilst using our own cheaper shale gas to deliver truly affordable energy to Britain.

Boris Net Zero will cost much, much more, whilst sending our jobs and money to China and elsewhere, impoverishing millions of British people.

The old will die colder, poorer, sooner. The young will be blighted with higher costs, fewer jobs, less money.

Our campaign is about having a discussion, considering other options, seeking out better solutions. Who could possibly have an issue with that?

Remarkably, it seems that some people do.

We all know about the festering cancel culture that exists in the UK; we’ve seen it before at close quarters. Nothing though could have prepared us though for what we’ve experienced over this last week.

The hatred and vitriol being dished out by those who want to stifle debate and subvert any kind of democratic decision making is staggering. The language of hate and division being used towards us, simply because we want to give you a choice is bewildering.

Be in no doubt that these people won’t be satisfied until they see each of us poor, cold and controlled. We must have the courage to claim our country back from these eco zealots and extremists.

So many of you have stood alongside Nigel and I for such a long time and we continue to be so grateful for that support. We need it now, more than ever!

Come and stand with us again on 26th March in Bolton. Help us to face down this growing cancer that is the cancel culture. Join us in protecting our right to discuss and debate. Listen to new ideas and new solutions on how we deliver more secure and more affordable energy for future generations.

It’s time to Vote Power Not Poverty.